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SF Homes that Sold in Steamboat Springs this Summer

Single FamilyThis summer between June and August, 55 single family homes sold in Steamboat Springs.  Prices ranged from $265,000 for an entry 2 bedroom home in Milner to $3,300,000 for a home on Natches Way with a spectacular view of the ski area.  The average price of a Steamboat area home was $1,100,000 and the median price was $800,000.

Last year, 67 properties sold so the total number of sales is down, but the average price is significantly higher than last year’s average of $889,000 and median price of $628,000.

Only six homes sold for less than $500,000 and 21 sold for over $1M.   There aren’t many new spec homes for sale to fill the demand–only two new homes are for sale under $1,000,000.

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Here are the properties that sold:

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Single Family Home Sales in Steamboat March-May 2016

Single Family

2016 Q1 results are in thanks to Land Title, and it’s no surprise that prices are up. Here are general trends comparing the 1st quarter of 2016 to the 1st quarter of 2015 in Routt County:
* Average Residential Price up 28.43%
* Gross Sales Volume up 10.61%
* Real Estate Transactions down 1.65%
* Buyer Profile: 54.42% local, 9.29% Front Range, 36.28% Out-of-State

In March thru May 2016 there were 38 Single Family home sales in Steamboat Springs with the most expensive being a $2.3 million home sold at Burgess Pines. This was one of six properties that sold for over $1 million in that time frame.

The average price for single family homes was $801,000 according to the Steamboat MLS.

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Phenomenal Summer for Single Family Homes West of Steamboat

While most part time residents of Steamboat are looking for something close to the Steamboat Ski Area when buying a Steamboat property, many locals call the area West of Steamboat Springs home. Away from the crowds of town, but close enough to drive to school or work, the main neighborhoods in the West include Silver Spur, Heritage Park, Steamboat II, West End Village, and Riverside. They also offer lower price points that more can afford which has been the driving force in our market since the start of 2015.

We’ve had a phenomenal summer in single family homes market on the west side of Steamboat. Since June 1st, there were 20 sales. Single family homes in Steamboat II led the way with 9 sales and average price of $442K, followed by 6 in Silver Spur at $588K average price, and Heritage park had 4 sales at an average sold price of $527K.

Currently there are 6 other single family homes under contract on the west side of Steamboat: 3 at Heritage Park, 2 in Silver Spur and 1 in Riverside. With only 4 properties left on the market, the West of Steamboat real estate inventory is very low pointing to an opportunity for homeowners who are on the fence about selling their home.

See all the homes and available for sale West of Steamboat here, or scroll down to see the summer of 2015 sales.

Develop Address Status Price Ask Price % Sold
Heritage Park 40187 Lindsay Dr. SOLD $577,500 $595,000 97%
Heritage Park 27494 Brandon Circle SOLD $607,000 $625,000 97%
Other 2915 Riverside Drive SOLD $550,000 $549,000 100%
Silver Spur 27629 Winchester Tr. SOLD $455,000 $455,000 100%
Silver Spur 27373 Winchster Ct SOLD $700,400 $710,000 99%
Silver Spur 27624 Winchester Tr. SOLD $720,000 $775,000 93%
Silver Spur 27911 Silver Spur St. SOLD $589,000 $599,000 98%
Silver Spur 27690 Silver Spur St. SOLD $590,000 $615,000 96%
Silver Spur 27653 Silver Spur St. SOLD $475,000 $489,900 97%
Steamboat II 40510 Anchor Way SOLD $484,000 $489,000 99%
Steamboat II 40530 Anchor Way SOLD $485,000 $499,000 97%
Steamboat II 40545 Anchor Way SOLD $419,000 $419,000 100%
Steamboat II 40505 Anchor Way SOLD $442,000 $439,000 101%
Steamboat II 40495 Anchor Way SOLD $445,000 $489,000 91%
Steamboat II 40425 Haven Place SOLD $351,500 $375,000 94%
Steamboat II 40541 Steamboat Drive SOLD $367,000 $379,000 97%
Steamboat II 40540 Anchor Way SOLD $385,000 $398,000 97%
Steamboat II 40480 Anchor Way SOLD $605,000 $597,000 101%
Vista Ranch 27650 County Road 42 SOLD $815,000 $849,000 96%
West End Village 2388 Penny Ln #2B SOLD $410,000 $424,500 97%
Heritage Park 27361 Brandon Circle PENDING $599,000
Heritage Park 27450 Brandon Circle PENDING $675,000
Heritage Park 27486 Brandon Circle PENDING $675,000
Riverside Subd 2842 Riverside Drive PENDING $499,000
Silver Spur 27546 Silver Spur St PENDING $798,000
Silver Spur 40835 Purple Sage St. PENDING $645,000