Strawberry Park

Strawberry Park area of Steamboat springs

Strawberry Park is a popular area of Steamboat Springs with a mix of older cabins built years ago next to luxury estates backing up to Soda Creeks.  Some of Steamboat’s most exclusive multi-million dollar homes are located in Strawberry Park. You’ll see equestrian estates along the valley floor but won’t see others tucked into the mountainside among the aspens and pines.

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Strawberry Park was one of the first areas settled and is home to Perry Mansfield Performing Arts Center (the oldest performing arts camp in the US) and Lowell Whiteman School.  Steamboat Springs Middle School and Strawberry Park Elementary School are located at the beginning of the valley.

People headed to Buffalo Pass and  Strawberry Park Hot Springs travel through Strawberry Park. There is a variety of hiking, biking, back country skiing and access to National Forest to enjoy some of the finest outdoor areas in the county.