Steamboat Single Family Home Sales in Feb 2019

Views from the outer circle of Graystone on the Green

Buyers purchased 15 Steamboat single family homes worth $17,529,000 in February with a clear preference for newer and smaller homes. Five of the home sales were built in the last two years, and all but one of the new homes sold for well over $1M. In Steamboat and nationwide, buyers are paying a premium for new homes. And Steamboat buyers are okay with paying more if it gets them open living areas, mountain contemporary finishes, and livable homes with less than 4000 sf.

Graystone on the Green and Barn Village are two of the most popular neighborhoods in Steamboat and they didn’t even exist five years ago. (Well, they did, but they were vacant lots.) These neighborhoods had 10 sales in the last year with prices ranging from $1,345,000-$1,935,000.
Sunlight is another new neighborhood where 5 homes have sold and another 5 are under contract—all within the last six months. The homes and lots are smaller at Sunlight, but so are the prices. You can buy in Sunlight for less than $800,000.

Buyers looking to stay under $1,000,000 can choose from the smaller homes in Sunlight or buy previously owned homes in established neighborhoods. If you’d like to see what is currently for sale, here is a link to all the single family homes currently for sale in Steamboat. Homes are selling at an average 96% of their list price.

If you would like more information about available homes in Steamboat, call us at 970.819.6372. Here is a list of all the single family homes that sold in February: [table id=13 /]

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