15% Increase in Steamboat Real Estate Volume in August


Steamboat Barn

Steamboat Barn

In August of 2015, Steamboat Real Estate had enjoyed a 15% increase in dollar volume compared to August of 2014. This is great news for the Steamboat Springs market. While the number of transactions wasn’t too different: 88 in 2015 versus 84 in 2015 (a 4.7% difference) the average sales price is what drove the big increase in volume in Steamboat home sales. Average sales price for August of this year was $513,000, and in 2014 it was $465,000.

The biggest driver in the increase were Steamboat single family homes. Compared to August of last year, the volume for single family homes in Steamboat Springs has increased over 51%. In August of 2014, the total volume for single family homes was $16,233,750 and this past August, it was $24,557,976. Within the single family segment, the biggest drivers were homes over $750,000 with 9 sales, one of which was a property at Catamount near Steamboat that sold for $4,600,000.

Property Type Year # of sales Average Price
Steamboat Single Family  2015 35 $701,656.46
2014 29 $559,784.48
Steamboat Townhomes 2015 20 $461,515
2014 21 $516,283.81
Steamboat Condos 2015 28 $376,444.64
2014 23 $432,247.83
Steamboat Fractional 2015 5 $162,600.00
2014 8 $83,612.50

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